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    • At The Running Republic do you really want to change the World?
    • Absolutely. We believe that exists a new way to conceive sporting goods and we cannot stand watching how ecosystems are destroyed by Climate Change and thousands of species exterminated by plastic pollution.

      We know that our contribution by itself won’t change the World but it is about our conscience and the legacy we want to leave behind us.

    • Ok, but how is The Running Republic really sustainable?
    • Sustainability has become more than a simple trend and this can’t make us happier, as long as the commitment of companies is real and not a way to “greenwash” their conscience, or just a marketing strategy.

      At The Running Republic we only use recycled fabrics from plastic bottles and plastic garbage from the Oceans and from the environment. We produce our garments with European materials by ethical production in local industries and certified factories, leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

      The future will be sustainable or won't be…

    • And how much recycled material do you need to make a shirt?
    • It depends on different factors such as the pattern or the fabric, but an average of ten plastic bottles is necessary to make a shirt.

    • Are all The Running Republic products based on recycled material?
    • Yes: 100% of our products come from recycled material and 84% of the material we use to make our garments is recycled.

      About one kilo recycled material is obtained from one kilo of plastic waste and at the same time means the non-introduction of a little more than one liter of new crude oil into the environment and the reduction in five kilos of CO2 emissions during the production process.

    • And what’s the energy saving of a garment made by The Running Republic?
    • 50% of energy is needed to produce recycled polyester compared to virgin polyester and at the same time mean a reduction of 70% of CO2 emissions, the main cause of the greenhouse effect and climate change.

    • Right, but are recycled materials as good as virgin materials??
    • Absolutely. The technical attributes of recycled polyester such as durability, consistency, elasticity, resistance to abrasion, moisture absorption and dye fastness are equal to those of virgin polyester, making the garments made of recycled polyester garments with optimal technical attributes for high performance in sports.


    • So, where are The Running Republic garments produced and, most of all, is it an ethical production?
    • We produce almost all of our garments between Spain and Portugal in family run businesses dedicated to sportswear since decades. We guarantee and we are constantly supervising that these companies not only fulfill human rights but that there are decent wages.

    • And is The Running Republic product very technical?
    • Our product was studied, designed, prototyped, tested and produced for high performance sports, making it a fantastic ally when setting your challenges, but is not only for high performance athletes because of its ergonomic and functional design that permits performance at any level even if you are starting in sports.

    • Is The Running Republic's apparel just for running?
    • Of course it is not. It is apparel designed for running but is suitable for any cardiovascular activity such as running, gym or even yoga because its ergonomic and functional design makes our garments very versatile.

    •  So, how do you sell such a technical and sustainable product at market prices?
    • This is a bit of our secret, but fundamentally, the key is not to invest in sponsorships of elite athletes, a direct distribution without intermediaries and above all having a slender cost structure that allows us not to need the margins that big brands need to maintain their structures.

    •  And to which countries is the product of The Running Republic shipped?
    • We currently ship to Europe, the United States and Canada.

    •  And if I change my mind, do you accept returns?
    • Of course. Any purchase made at is subject to the possibility of return. You can visit the section of shipping, exchanges and returns on this website to have more information.

    •  And if I buy a product and it's not my size, can I change it?
    • We currently don’t have the exchange service so if you need to change the product you purchased you will have to request a return and make a new purchase. You can visit the section of shipping, exchanges and returns on this website to have more information.

    •  Ok, but are the shipping costs expensive?
    • As you imagine, shipments represent an important cost line for an eCommerce, but we have achieved very advantageous rates and with shipment handled by UPS, one of the best carriers worldwide. You can visit the section of shipping, exchanges and returns on this website to have more information.